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FS JEM 310 Reflow Oven Hot air convection batch oven


Saying goodbye to my JEM-310 Convection Batch Oven.

Programmable with lots of memory slots. WAAY better than the lower cost IR ovens. Easy to monitor the process through the top window so you know exactly what is going on.

Roughly 12in x 12in board space, but practically you should stay about an inch from the edges. I made countless high value PCBs in this thing as well as using it as a pre-heater for repairs of $50k PCB's.

Fairly heavy unit at around 70lbs. At the moment, only setup for USA domestic shipping. If you really want it outside of the USA, I can probably figure something out. Most internal parts are off-the-shelf.

220 volt only.

Fire away with questions.....

Listed on eBay for $1450 - offers are acceptable here on the EEVblog

Located in southern California, USA

I have an OK Industries JEM 110, which is older than this oven but similar in many respects. I would say it is a solid and well-designed apparatus.

Parameters were retained in SRAM by a rechargeable Ni-Cd battery. Over time the battery began to leak, badly corroding the main controller PCB, which ceased to function and could not be revived after several repair attempts.

This failure mode is not specific to these ovens, of course. I have seen it in many other devices of similar vintage, including a fairly rare synth keyboard. I don't want the seller to think that I am picking on their listing. But I strongly urge owners to visually inspect the battery periodically, consider rewiring it to mount off-PCB, and/or clipping it out entirely for long-term storage, so this excellent equipment can deliver continued service.

Good point and worth pursuing an long-term update to avoid a damaged controller.

This unit has been sold :-)


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