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SOLD: Keithley 2001M


Hey Guys,

selling my Keithley 2001M.

Good kondition, no leaked caps so far. Bought it on Ebay. Seems to be in Spec, at least in DC Voltage :) Checked it agiant ma 5442A (which has a traceable cal).
4-Wire Short included as pictured.

Display is quite bright still, smaller scratches on front window, but otherwise in good condition.

Asking price 1000 swiss franks. Happy to talk about it :)



Neomys Sapiens:
Hello, did you receice my PM?


Nice seller! Gave honest description of the noise characteristics.
Although professionally packaged in a Keysight box, the meter arrived with a No Comm Link error. It turns out the ROM chips got loose from their sockets during handling by Swiss Post. Everything else are exactly as described, indeed pretty bright VFD (looks still have at least 70% of life).


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