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All sold!


Since working at a very nicely equipped power electronics lab my own stuff has just been collecting dust. Time to pass them on to someone who actually might use them

Shipping from Finland, for payment SEPA is preferred but Paypal F&F is also doable. Prices don't include shipping

Keysight DSOX1204G, won at one of those Keysight raffles, pretty much unused. Comes with all the options. Asking 550€

Agilent 3631A perfect working condition AFAIK, no recent calibrations, asking 350€

Keithely 2015 perfect working condition as of 2018 when I did an unofficial calibration at my workplaces calibration laboratory against their 8508A, asking 375€

More pictures:

E: 2.10.23 21:13 Keithley 2015 reserved
E: 3.10.23 13:26 Keithley and Keysight sold
E: 24.10.23 all sold

Price drop bump!


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