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SOLD Keysight 34410a with new OEM VFD


Well things change in life   i'll have to sell a few things

Band new VFD
No bumper kit ...

Works fine
Seen the prices ranges on many websites,  i'll ask a firm 750$usd   wich is very competitive and low, the vfd costed 170$ USD

Would prefer to sell outside them, if not the price will be indeed higher

i'll add a gift :  usb-gpib adapter project from Xyphro

EEVBLOG first  loll

Don't forget this one has the ETH port in the back.

Schematics are somewhere  ;)

No wait for booting at turning on, very very nice meter.

In my eyes one of the best bench DMM ever built.
Unfortunately I don't need it, I just only love this thing so much.

bump  open on best offer

reserved Sold


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