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FS: New 858D Hot air rework 220v

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george graves:
(EDIT - also looking to trade for a ucurrent.)

I have a brand new Saike/ATTEN 858D that has never been used.  I've only taken it out to inspect it and take pictures.  This is the better 220v model.  They can be found on ebay for about $60USD shipped.

Make me an offer.

Pics on request.

You'll be able to buy one soon.
Just need a day to assemble and test them.


george graves:
Thanks for the heads up Dave!

If any one is interested in buying the re-work station off me strait up - make me an offer I can't refuse.  I'd rather it go to a good home than it get stuff into the garage and sit there.

It looks like a nice bit of kit - and I'd like something in to use in the not-so-near future to help me measure some low quiescence power supplies driving an arduino doing a sleep/wake kind of program.  I'll have to re-watch the uCurrent videos to get an idea of how one would make sure you were getting a good average values during the sleep/wake as far as current draw.

george graves:

It'd really help to know where you're located.


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