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Sold Tektronix 2465B


Selling the IMHO working Tektronix 2465B.

Sell as parts for 170 Euros, while no warranty and no returns.

Changed so far as required:

- Power, as self tests, NO ERROR posted  :-+
- the X/Y 240V caps as for 400V
- added the cooling for the special chip (may removed and have than a CU block in hand and 2 washers)
- changed the plastic grid as now as new.
- Also with a cover protection bezel.
- Option 11 as for two probe power

I will add 3 probes for free as 2 complete one as special for direct measurement's.

IMHO in very good condition as no smoking environment and used as a professional user.

Additional Packaging costs (as needed) and shipping costs as needed or liked.


I bought this nice oldtimer scope from @hpw and it arrived in basically mint condition, also it was packaged very well.
Thank you for this, a nice addition to my collection!


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