Author Topic: FS (US) Tektronix MDO3014 "Liberated" to 500Mhz and ALL options & Probes  (Read 276 times)

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My personal unit.. I want to move up to 1Ghz..

I know Dave is a hater.. but I really bonded with this device.. it is solid and dependable and conservative on specs..
Running latest firmware and will not have issues with any future firmware. I would recommend not servicing it with Tek.. but 3rd parties are  fine. (unless you take it down to 100mhz)

$3,200 alone or $4,000 with ALL Probes (4x 500hmz TPP0500, 1x16 bit MSO probe with fan-out, grabbers and carrying pouch)

Note that the AWG is better than most.. rated at 50mhz sine.. but also 250Ms/s (not interpolated) so if you know what you are doing you can generate a 125MHz sine wave..
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