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FS Tektronix R7704 200MHz Quad Trace Scope with BJT/FET curve tracer USA 98503

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Tektronix R7704 Quad trace 200MHz rack mount
Many modules included:
Two 7A26 Dual Trace Amplifier, 200MHz.
One 7B80 Time Base .
One 7B85 Delaying Time Base.
One 7A22 Differential Amplifier.
One 7CT1N Transistor Curve Tracer, BJT and JFET.
One adapter to the curve tracer so you can just plug small transistors in.
Rack mount adapter brings all the rear mounted connectors out to the front
Rack mount shell (crude, but it works).

The curve tracer alone is going for twice what I'm asking for the entire setup. I simply don't have room.

With printed manuals. On screen display of voltage and timebase.

The bezel around the screen is missing. I'm reluctant to ship because I'll have to build two crates with foam inserts to ship, and it is heavy. It will probably double the cost.
$200 USD OBO

Sold As Is. I am not familiar with this scope. If I spend the time to learn how to set it up and use it, I'm sure I'll decide to keep it.

That's a great price, the 7ct1n alone goes for more than that on ebay.

I'm reluctant to sell. I'm trying to get my lab cleaned out and organized, if I can make room for this, I'm keeping this. I'd rather see this go to someone who can use this now.

My other scope is a 50MHz not yet hacked to 100MHz quad trace. Somewhere around here I have a Tektronix 350MHz dual trace but it needs some parts for the rotary switches that had crumbled.

I would love to take it and make good use of it. but I believe shipping it to canada will be nightmare.

It is big and heavy. I'd have to build a wooden crate with foam inserts. I've done this before, back when I was selling on eBay. I shipped an old tube tape delay to Australia. The box weighed 70 pounds 1.25 ounces, which is 1.25 ounces over the limit.

I told the post office employee I could go outside and rub it on the sidewalk to reduce it by that much. She looked at me and deadpan said, "More than that will wear off during shipping" and marked it 70 pounds.

The whole thing turned into a nightmare. The buyer, whom I had let pay through an online payment system similar to PayPal, waited 2 days and then contested the charge, saying it hadn't arrived yet. This was in October 2001, so everything in the mail was delayed due to increased security after 9/11/01. And it was traveling literally to the other side of the globe, so he was trying to rip me off.

Sadly, he did manage it, because he had also filed it with his credit card company. So 90 days after, even after he had given me positive feedback, his credit card company took the money back and the online payment system took it back from me. But I had sold it for someone else and I had no intention of taking the money back from them. So I was out 400 USD in shipping, plus what I'd paid the client. In the end, it cost me nearly 1000 USD.

I would have to ask a lot more for the wood and foam, and labor building a crate. And you'll pay through either Western Union or a postal money order in US funds, only if you live in a country where your post office and the US post office have an agreement so I can cash it in a USPS office. I know Canada and Japan do, not sure who else does. No money orders, no cashier's checks. Those can have payment stopped. Checks don't actually "clear", they just release the funds. The banks can take that money back up to 90 days later.

I'd much rather have someone pick up and pay cash.


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