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FS US FEI Rubidium standard (2) FE-5680A 10MHz sine wave + pps

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I have these for a project that didn't materialize. If you want one of these, it's $250.00, or $450.00 for both. I powered them up. They're 10MHz. sine wave + pps. The pinouts for these can easily be found online. They're very popular. They're nearly indestructable, for use even in outer space.

They'll give you about 10x on top of ocxo. One thing most people don't know is that gps disciplined oscillators only communicate with gps  once or twice per day.  It's pretty easy with boards on to connect a gps receiver. I also have aluminum project boxes that are perfect size for the standard and power supply, and interface bundle. Those are $25/ea. Shipping is $16 to continental USA.

These are adjustable by computer. You just have to get the software from FEI, Or from someone online who has it. The units  look slightly different, but FEI uses different serial number patterns for different buyers of the same device.

Shipping is $16 to continental USA.

If yoou want to buy, pm me, and I'll give you my paypal address.

Hi, does the units locks output?



--- Quote ---The pinouts for these can easily be found online.
--- End quote ---

Since you powered them up, wouldn't you supply the pinouts as you already know them?

I'd have to dig them up, and I'd probably just do an online search to find them anyway. It's easier than going through all my computers. To give you an idea of how many files I have, on one machine I found 97,000 duplicate files, and that's by hash, so they're real duplicates. But it doesn't really matter to me. I can look them up, or the buyer can.

Yes, it locks after it warms up 5-10min.


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