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FS: Vitronics Soltec XPM520 5 zone reflow oven (Cincinnati, OH, USA)


It looks like I might be losing my shop space at the end of my lease.  None of the other spaces I've found so far have 480/3phase so I am listing this oven for sale.    I've yet to receive word from my landlord about whether I can pay to store this oven at its current location, so I'm trying to sell it. I'm trying to avoid moving it into storage.

I purchased it from a small electronics manufacturer in Michigan a couple of months ago that upgraded to an oven with more zones to improve lead free process.    It has 5 heat zones and 2 cooling zones.  It is a workhorse of an oven, which is why I purchased it despite it being a little large for my immediate needs.  It is in good condition, includes the PC to operate it.  It is ~2500lbs and 11'6" long, which is just about the length limit for the freight elevators in my current building, preventing me from buying a larger 8/10/12 zone oven.  It requires 480V 3Phase electricity.  It is located in Cincinnati, OH zip 45225 at a facility with a loading dock and forklift.  I found transportation for it from Michigan to where it is currently on and I can assist with loading/palletizing as need be.

Please feel free to ask any questions.


Asking $2200 obo, which is less than half the price IBE have the same model listed for:

Price drop $1800

price drop $1500

Still available?


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