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FS/USA48 Knight ML2010 Mini Lab in a Suitcase!

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It's not necessary to keep bumping a thread, anyone here will see it if they're interested and if they're not it's annoying to have it keep popping up in the unread posts. If you're not getting any bites you could try posting it on ebay, the buy/sell section on this forum is not very active and most people are looking for bargains. While cool, an old analog lab is kind of a niche item.

This kit is still available.

I have been a longstanding, good forum citizen and I intend to remain so. I have spoken with the forum administrator. As I understand it, a bump once per month is acceptable.

In like kind to concerns regarding too much bumping, I ask that you do not make comments about me following this policy, because it just causes me to have to check on posts that are not related to selling the kit.

I am glad/relieved that we have the bumping issue resolved; I care enough that it actually bothered me.


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