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FS/USA48 Knight ML2010 Mini Lab in a Suitcase!

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EDIT: As of 5/18/22, the ML2010 is still available for purchase, even though some people have made inquiries. When it sells, I will post that right here and mark the subject line as sold. so, please feel free to send me a private message. I can get the ML2010, into the mail to you fast! This unit is still available new for over $650!

Picture from the front cover of the manual:

Great for an EE student, an electronics hobbyist, or anyone on the go! Includes various power supplies, function generators, LEDs, switches, bread board, BLOB(= perf) board. Too many features to name. See picture from manual:

Pictures of all angles of the actual unit and the Owners Manual detailing all its functions =

Unit is in good shape, but sold "as is" per actual pictures. The BLOB board has never been used. Includes power cord (only.)
$125USD plus Exact Shipping Cost without any handling fee/Pay Pal/USA48
I am firm on the cash price, but I would trade for some other EE test gear, or guy stuff = Whatchagot?

Send me a private message. Thanks for your consideration.



I’m interested pending shipping to Mountainside, NJ 07092



--- Quote from: Crambone on May 16, 2022, 09:31:41 pm ---I’m interested pending shipping to Mountainside, NJ 07092


--- End quote ---
That's great, Andrew! I am sending you a private message.


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