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High resolution cabinet X-Ray machine for sale located in UK

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--- Quote from: TopLoser on March 23, 2016, 05:14:09 pm ---Well it works! Reveals a lot more detail if you fiddle about with the contrast and brightness controls.

Having fish for dinner later, just gave it quick check for bones!

--- End quote ---

A few years back, I attended an SPIE meeting where a Swedish group was discussing their high-spatial-resolution detector for low-energy x rays, suitable for mammography.
To evaluate their system, they used fish as test objects because of their fine bones.
Their detector could operate in photon-counting mode, and they demonstrated how "elegantly" the images degraded at very low doses, where noise came from the Poisson statistics, compared with a detector that had "dark noise".
An audience member said that was the best demonstration of Poisson imaging he had ever seen:  only half the audience laughed and I noticed that my boss sitting next to me didn't get the joke.


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