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High resolution cabinet X-Ray machine for sale located in UK

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I promised to let forum members know if a decent high resolution X-Ray machine became available via my friends in the used technology supply business.

I have bought two Faxitron MX-20 systems from these guys in the past and both have been truly amazing bits of kit. Being a cabinet X-Ray machine, that uses low energy X-Ray's with sensitive high resolution imaging arrays, these are safer than any open site type X-Ray. You do still need to be sensible with them though. A decent Low X-Ray Energy dosimeter is a must for your own safety.

Chris of Lab-Tech phoned me this morning and offered me another high resolution cabinet X-Ray machine. It is not a Faxitron this time, but a very similar KUBTEC XPERT 40. She is a real beauty. The unit is supplied with the original computer, installed software and the software installation disks. I believe it even comes with the manual.

KUBTEC web page for the unit

Chris is a really nice and honourable chap so I would not hesitate to do business with him. He gave me the heads up on the machine in case I wanted another, but finances do not permit such a purchase now. It is a significant sum of money at £3000 + £60 postage in the UK...... But it was originally installed in 2008 and is worth every penny in my opinion. A really nice X-Ray machine. If I had the money I would have bought it.

The auction is here and you can contact Chris via his business details on the web page.

An important detail about the machine is the X-Ray tube type. This unit uses a Microfocus tube with a spot size of less than 50um. The high resolution imaging array appears to be 100mm X 100mm. The perfect size for electronics as many machines have the smaller 50mm X 50mm size fitted for biopsy work. The 100x100 X-Ray array type cameras sell for £25K new !

As stated, I do know Chris and have bought many items from him. I am not on commission or receiving any kick backs for highlighting this auction though.

If you really need or want a decent low X-Ray energy high resolution X-Ray machine, give this one serious consideration. I would even consider a Bank loan to buy it if I did not already own two Faxitrons !

If any of you do buy this machine, I will be very envious of you


Very close to me so a bit of haggling and deal done it's in the back of my car!

Guess I'd better get some crap sold to pay for it and make room for it...

So you are the guy that snatched it right out of my hands!  :box:


Excellent news !

I am so pleased that it has gone to a good home :) Did you tell Chis you were from the EEVBlog forum ? He is a nice guy and I believe he would give discount to forum members.

That machine is a real beauty. It can generate up to 50 kVp and 1mA tube current. Very nice. I liked the neat cart that it was on and it looked a very professional setup. The 100mm X 100mm imaging array is a good find as well. Not that common and a £25K option on the Faxitron units.

It is running with a standard Dell PC as well so you should have no problem maintaining the computer side of things.

I would be interested in seeing pictures of the Test Phantom that Chris mentioned. I presume this checks the correct calibration of the system.

Do let us know how you get on with it. If I had not retired, I would have bought it myself. You are a lucky chap.

I spent the day stripping down my Todd Research BASIX 30 mail scanner today. It is now separated into piles of steel casing panels, lead sheets and electronics. All off to the metal merchant tomorrow. I will be glad to see the back of that heavy thing. I have salvaged the mini PC, camera, lead glass plate and X-Ray tube from it. Getting into the tube head was hard going with the Dremel circular saw.

Enjoy your new toy and if I can be of any assistance, please let me know.


Fraser, did you mean 1mA?

It would be good to know how to access the exposure counter on the Kubtec units.



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