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HP 8753D APC-7?

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Is there a good economic conversion or adapter from APC-7 to more common connectors as 1 GHz is my upper limit?  Or is converting one to N connectors easily doable any still maintain usability for hobby interests?

I think all of the old 6GHz 8753ES VNAs at work had APC7 connectors and the company permanently fitted (APC7 to SMA)  or (APC7 to N) adaptors on them. These adaptors were from Suhner and were quite expensive. However, the VNAs were still used up to 6GHz with good results using either an 85033E or 85032F cal kit.

The home/hobby alternative would be to buy used APC7 to SMA adaptors from ebay (maybe $60ea) and make a homebrew SMA cal kit for less than $30 using decent SMA connectors from Suhner or Johnson.

It's also possible to make a homebrew N cal kit to suit APC7 to N adaptors but this probably won't be as easy to correct as a homebrew SMA cal kit. A homebrew SMA cal kit can give good results up to a few GHz if constructed carefully.

I see that some sellers in China have APC-7 to SMA or N for under $40.00 each, and Aliexpress has them $20.00 each vs $595.00 from Keysight.  Aliexpress has 30 day return so if they don't work properly one might have some recourse if it's not a scam.   If anyone has had success with Chinese adapters I'd sure like to know which seller.

Do not use these adapters with expensive SMA cal kits. The Chinese adapters are almost certain made to no SMA mechanical specification and can ruine your cal kit. Use only home made cal kits with them.

Here's a pic of one that sold on eBay with four N connectors instead of 2 APC-7 for delete Option 011.   1D5 oven xtal good but W30, not sure what W30 difficult to rad the tag. I was unaware of this model but I like the N connectors but I sure wouldn't want to by another test set and I guess it would have APC.  Comments appreciated as I'm new to this realm.  Thanks


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