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Hi All,
I picked up a calibrated HP3478A on ebay. Really good deal but it came without the probes. Any idea what I should get?
I had some random cables with the right connector and seems to work fine but not sure it's the right thing to do. Do these things require a particular type of probe? If so where can I get them?


What does the manual say? Hint, sooner or later you will anyhow need to obtain and read the manual. Why not start with it now?

Probemaster makes some really nice quality, relatively inexpensive probes, which I highly recommend.  They also make kelvin probes if you are planning on making 4-wire resistance measurements.

The manual was not very helpful, has a table with accessories but lists HP part numbers. Meter is old and searching for those parts led me to bogus links, so I thought I'd look for compatible parts but not really sure what to look for.
Probemaster does have a compatibility table and their stuff seems nice.

Pomona is a major brand for test leads and probes (not for scope probes, though). They're now owned by Fluke. Most of the Fluke leads are also Pomona products. In Europe major brands are Hirschmann and HCK.

Any leads which don't use a fixed shroud on the banana plug should be fine. Unsheathed or with retractable sheath. Get whichever style you prefer. You'll probably want something with pointy tips to browse, and something like retractable hooks or alligator clips (I personally find alligator clips totally useless for most electronics work). Four wire leads tend to be expensive, you can also do a reasonable job by just using two sets of leads with some sort of clips attached, just clip two of them on each side (source on outside, sense on inside). Of course real four wire leads are more convenient.


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