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I tried to order a grab bag of Linear ICs from Futurlec however they're apparently out of stock and won't have more for 8-10 weeks. The linky is here:
It contains 50 common ICs including the LM555, 7805, LM741, LM324, LM358, 78L05 and more for just AUD$5.95.

Question is, does anyone know where I can get something similar, preferably from here in Au? I've tried looking at the major online stores but can't seem to find anything like it.

Also looking for some other mixed components like caps etc. :)

Have you tried Ebay? Certainly here in the UK there are people who do electronic component bundles.

Yeah I have and the closest thing I can find is something like this which has more than just the ICs but is more expensive and has no where near the 50 ICs the value pack has.

Am I trying to be too cheap by expecting to find 50 ICs for $6 maybe?

That's a cheap and handy pack.
You could try Farnell. They will deliver free in Oz, so just fill up your shopping cart with say 2 of each common part.
LM358 is say $0.30
Not quite in the same price league, but maybe $15 for 50 parts at 0.30 each?


Thanks Dave, I might end up going with them. Up to $15 now with about 30 ICs but seems like the best option if I want gear before xmas! It's a shame their website is so buggy. Sort by price seems to nearly always mess up, and there's a particular relay I can find using the part number search but never shows up when using filtering. Still, it's a long shot better than Futurlec's site :D

Grenert also made a good suggestion which I was tempted to go for except for the cheap and slow or crazy expensive and fast postage from the states.

--- Quote from: grenert on December 14, 2011, 09:52:16 pm ---Not sure what shipping to AUS would be, but Jameco sells grab bags of linear ICs:

Lots of other grab bags, too:

--- End quote ---

Not bad value for a bag of 100 ICs! Choosing USPS 1st Class Int'l postage it comes to USD20.49. For faster postage with FEDEX Economy-Foreign you're looking at USD73.64. If I had my sheets together earlier I would have ordered from these dudes!


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