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I need the software isplever classic v1.5 (or thereabouts) for an old cpld project, and I seem to have misplaced my copy of the software
I still can find my license file and projects, but not the main software component!

Does anyone have this still lying about?

If ispLEVER Classic 1.8 would work for your project and license file you could download a copy of the base installation file here:

The last free yearly license I got for ispLEVER Classic 1.8 expired in 2018. At the time I used it for some 22V10 PALs and haven't had a need to use it again yet since then. Unfortunately the free yearly licenses are no longer available.

Just out of curiosity, and as an exercise to see how difficult it might be, it took about a full day of working on it to figure out how to generate working licenses of this form for ispLEVER Classic 1.8, where the XXXXXXXXXXXX have to be replaced by the correct signature, which of course should not be posted here.

FEATURE LSC_CLASSIC lattice 10.0 permanent uncounted XXXXXXXXXXXX \
FEATURE LSC_ADVANCED lattice 8.0 permanent uncounted XXXXXXXXXXXX \


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