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ADVANCE NOTICE  (I will post additional information as it becomes available)

By Order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court - ITT Technical Institute

Along with Office & Classroom Furniture, Medical Training Equipment, Computers, Network & Telecom equipment there will also be:

Hundreds of Oscilloscopes, Function Generators, Multimeters, DC Power Supplies, Pulse Generators, RF Signal Generators, Waveform Generators, Frequency Counters and More by Rigol, Lectronic, GW Instek, HP, Global Specialties and Others

This will be sale number 1 of 3 for assets moved from 31 college sites to Jacksonville, FL.

Initial information is available here/this will be updated with a catalog including images and descriptions:

Circumstances of the bankruptcy and Tiger retention:

As always, feel free to contact me with any comment or questions.

Thank you for your interest,

John Coelho
Sr. VP - Remarketing Services
Tiger Group | Asset Intelligent
84 State St. 4th Floor
Boston, MA 02109
P: (617) 523-5866 | C: (617) 797-0430 | F: (617) 523-3007

I wonder what a skeleton will sell for?  1000 hospital beds !

Must be fun to be there  :-+

I wonder if the buyer from Oregon will go there?

This is pretty bad what they did to all those students who payed for their schooling and are now 'stuck' with their education bill and have no degree. Not that a degree from ITT meant anything in the first place, but none the less, they still didn't get what they paid for.

Saw this on the news a month or so back. All those students were very upset and worried about what to do. Just all of a sudden doors were closed as they showed of for school that day with a sign posted on the door that the college had closed permanently.

I went there for 2 quarters, and dropped out. I was not impressed with their level of teaching.  I enrolled into a community college instead.  It turned out that the professors that were teaching me there at ITT, they said they were graduates themselves FROM ITT of their 2 year course as well. LOL   :-DD Seriously?  And that makes you qualified to teach others?  So I dropped out when I heard that.  That plus the fact the professor was holding back a class of 35 students a week to work on resistor color codes because two other students couldn't seem to 'grasp' the concept.  :-DD  Also, the professor didn't 'feel' like teaching one night and brought in a movie called 'The Edge' for everyone to watch instead.  Real professional.  I complained to the administrative office. Did no good.  So that was my experience there. 

Good they closed their doors, just bad they did it the way they did and left those current students hanging.

At the time I went, their equipment wasn't all that great, maybe they invested too much recently on new equipment and that's why they bankrupted. Might be worth a looksy.

KD0CAC John:
The site does not let me view , or any images of any value ?


--- Quote from: KD0CAC John on November 23, 2016, 02:20:05 pm ---The site does not let me view , or any images of any value ?

--- End quote ---

KD0CAC John,

We will have the Jacksonville ITT site completed by December 1, 2016.

Catalog and images of all assets at the sale will be posted here and available for your review/bidding:

Thank you for your interest,


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