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AUCTION (AU): Lab electronics auction in Canberra with heaps of good stuff.


Hi Everyone
Hoping this isn't looking like an advert, I'm not affiliated with at all.
Just want to let everyone know what I saw.
They have electronics in the "Office", Location "ACT" Section. Yummy scientific equipment, as of today 4 days of auction left.
Including decade resistors, decade capacitors, variac autotransformers, probes, HP Measuring systems, time mark generator, function generator, lab power supplies a nanovolt source and other cool stuff.
If only I had the cash to spare to buy them myself, but just spent all my savings on vet bills(at least doggo is ok now).

Contains dotty HP goodness and Keithley Nano supplies - Wallet Warning  :-DD

** Lots of it seems they will post too  >:D


--- Quote from: beanflying on March 11, 2023, 05:30:51 am ---Contains dotty HP goodness and ...

--- End quote ---

I'm safe.

Those dotty displays really are surprising pleasing to the eye. Hence, even though it is hopelessly outclassed, I'm keeping my HP frequency counter containing them :)

Thanks for the post, managed to pick up two variacs for much less than one new. Been looking out for a basic variac, as I have the voltage and power meters. Got a light bulb power limiter I put together, so I can make a single unit that does both.

The spare variac I'll probably put up for sale here.

Cheers, awesome to see someone got something useful at least.


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