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K-125 Mini oscilloscope VS DSO203

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I must say this information was quite rewarding and must be taken seriously, I am considering ordering the Rigol DS1102E scope no doubt about it. After reading all the comments and watching that exceptional video I am convince that I am not going to waste my hard earn money on the small mini scope for now.  Maybe later for traveling or field work. Cheers!


--- Quote from: alyque on February 15, 2012, 07:09:47 am ---
Nice device! i get it from this site, it is bigger than expected, twice as big as dso203, and the package is very good, comes with interior slot pocket, looks very professional!

The only disappointment is appearance, dso203 is much more elegant.

anyhow, it is a good product! ps: we just talking about mini oscilloscope! NOT Tek or Agilent equipment!

Thanks for Valerii's recommendation!


--- End quote ---
Well you wasted your money . Just 2x more gets you a decent Atten ADS1102CAL from Aliexpress . 332$ w/ EMS shipping .


Look some Handheld Oscilloscopes products


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