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Keithley 2015 THD - UK (Manchester) - Collection only - £250 !! SOLD !!

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Too many bad experiences with couriers (exacerbated by other factors  :palm: )
Selling this for collection only in Manchester for some way under the typical selling prices.

Keithley 2015 THD multimeter, working nicely (agrees with other Keysight meters in calibration), and passes all self tests


I would snatch your hand clean off if I still lived in Manchester! What a bargain...


Shame it's impossible to get a train to Manchester from London right now, I think Avanti has saved me from yet more TEA...

Looks like they're currently running (You'd deserve a beer for making that kind of trip for these though).
It's sod's law that everything I buy used seems to be in the South.. The amount of day trips I've had to do to Portsmouth, Cambridge etc.    :rant:


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