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Keysight shop on eBay and delivery to UK?

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Duh, the Keysight shop on eBay doesn't want to communicate re UK delivery. Anyone know the score?

TIA, Alan

AFAIK they have stock in many different places, some will ship to UK others not. I think US stock doesn't ship to UK, while Malaysia stock does. The truth is probably more complicated though...

I've not checked recently but I'd guess it might be a covid thing (shipping costs on most things have sky rocketed and a lot of stuff I've been trying to buy generally has been out of stock in the UK - everything from exercise bikes to gps handhelds).

In the old days they had a shop on which was nice but then they consolidated it into their and a lot of items were "not shipping to UK" so you had to search through or set a filter to find the few items they would ship to the UK. Perhaps now they have given up on the UK altogether.

Tektronix never have had shipments to the UK from their store but I bought my counter via TTi who are their agents in the UK - perhaps Keysight are moving to a similar model.

Here is one item that is shipping to the UK :
I think it is a matter of searching through any items you're interested in until one that does ship is found (or none are found which seems to be the case more often now!)
And here is another :
There doesn't seem to be any pattern to it.

I bought a scope from the Keysight eBay store, it was pretty painless.  All arrived fine, shipped with all the duties etc paid.
The price was pretty good too, fully loaded, fresh calibration, and a years warranty.  Not all have, so check the listings carefully.  If it was previously used I couldn't tell, all look brand new to me. 


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