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LF: HP 3478A for parts

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reasonably cheap ; need display
plz PM

I don't have anything available, but as alternative you could look for less desirable HP equipment from that era that uses the same display. The 3488A might be a candidate.

AFAIR there was some project around for a display replacement for the 3457, that could also work for the 3478 (though a slightly different display).
The 3468 should have the same display too (no GPIB and a battery option instead).

you have a few for low $$  but sometimes the shipping is a killer

thanks for tip  about HP 3488A  display, it actually for HP 6.5 dmm.

i dont know ...  it kinda one of first version , where not a whole case open ,  sliding side pieces construction,  don't wish to destroy as parts, on other side , to repair it kinda ...

like if i found a broken ,  with no hesitation i can desolder broken one and repair display .  so dont know ... will see ..

im in CAN , GTA.
but have US mailbox as well.


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