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Looking for a analog oscilloscope prefered 50mhz dual channel

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--- Quote from: shims506 on December 28, 2011, 05:24:19 pm ---Is there a document or video explaining how to properly diagnose and fix the issues, i have seen the EEVblog youtube video on checking the oscilloscope but it doesn't go in depth on if this broke on oscilloscope this is what you have to do kinda thing.

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That is not easy, as every scope, whilst having the same basic overall operating principle, will have entirely different circuitry and/or custom parts, and different calibration and adjustment requirements etc
Make sure you get one that has a service manual available if you are concerned with this.


I could reccomend a new Hameg HM400, its not expensive and a great scope for which you can get all documentation and parts from Hameg since its not so old. However all parts are SMD and it features a FPGA and few other programable devices under the case so it will not be easy to repair like older scopes if something fails


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