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Looking for a analog oscilloscope prefered 50mhz dual channel

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I'm starting out a little electronics lab and would like to get more equipment but have limited funds. If some one has one and has no use for one i will be willing to pay for the oscilloscope, if your feeling generous i can accept it as a gift :P

Location:United States Illinois, Chicago

If this isn't the place to look for such an oscilloscope I have searched my fair share on craigslist locally and no luck finding a working one, please direct me to someone that will help me find one.

Oops just realized posted in wrong section i apologize, could a moderator please move this post or delete it so it could be in it's correct section.

So, where in the world are you located?


--- Quote from: joelby on December 28, 2011, 06:53:01 am ---So, where in the world are you located?

--- End quote ---

United states

Ebay ones within 200 miles of Chicago:

What is your budget?

This BK Precision might go cheap:



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