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Looking for a decent function generator for < $100 shipped.

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I have a oscilloscope on the way that will  probably require calibration and I need one anyway, so I was curious if anyone had any suggestions on some good function generators that can be had for under $100 shipped. So say $80-90...

I've seen some pretty good looking DDS ones, but I'm thinking that some old analog stuff might not be bad either.

Any ideas?


Well after some looking, I chose this one:

I'll tell you guys how it is.

I am also looking for an inexpensive function generator.  Hope it works out for you and I look forward to hearing your review of it.


I recently bought a similar 5MHz DDS, one of those in a toy like plastic case, you know.
It's working well, but the main problem is the absolutely P.O.S crappy potmeters they have soldered onto these things. What a shame. Why couldn't they spend an extra dollar or two on a decent pot, fer friggs sakes...
Be prepared to yank them out, you'll probably need to do that sooner or later. I see Bourns are making similar potmeters that may fit without problems.

One thing to note. You cannot manually change the wave's peak-to-peak voltage...which is a bit of a let down, in my opinion. It's definitely possible. They have some pretty capable electronics on that board...too bad.


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