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WTB a word recognizer


Alex Eisenhut:
I would like to buy a word recognizer like the Tektronix A6701, mostly as a "beige whale" as CRD calls them, aka a "shelf queen".
The budget is 50$ US max, shipping shouldn't be more than 30$.
If it works, bonus. I'd like to try it on my Commodore 64.

Yes, I already have several USB logic analyzers, but they're no fun. They just work. That sucks.  :-DD

So does anyone have one you might want to discuss parting with?

There has been a couple of P6407 probes going around in Oz for months eBay auction: #294455130914 from the same seller. Not sure about costs or if they will ship for Canada  :-// But they will ship to me for about $90AUD ($83 Canadian, $67USD) if it helps.

Alex Eisenhut:
AFAICT these 6047 probes are set by software from the logic analyzer. The word recognizers I want have mechanical switches and lots of pretty colors, and are really used to trigger an oscilloscope on a digital pattern.


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