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Mantis M009 x10 lens on ebay

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If anybody is looking for one, Radwell has one listed on ebay right now for $76.50 USD  New, open box.

Radwell is a big surplus dealer that I've bought from before; they specialize in discontinued industrial items.  Otherwise no connection with them.

Can't understand if it fits the old Mantis:

if yes, I will buy it. Since the seller do not accept return I did not pulled the trigger yet.

I think super7800 got it. Gone

Good, that was a good price.  I would have snagged it but I already have a 10x

Now if only I could find a slwd 6x at that price  :-DD

it would have fit, the newer ones look quite different. BUT: the working distance of this x10 lens is only 4 cm. This is OK to check coins or stamps but often not enough for working on a PCB (even if the PCB will fit, the soldering iron will then touch the lens all the time).
The 6x SLWD with 11 cm working distance is a dream. This is what anybody in electronics needs.


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