Author Topic: Mantis with 6x SLWD (super long working distance) lens bargain  (Read 392 times)

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Mantis with 6x SLWD (super long working distance) lens bargain
« on: January 18, 2019, 09:40:38 am »
I just found this Mantis on Ebay. Online for only 7 hours (the time I am writing this). (not mine, I am not related to the seller).

Let me notice in advance: I do own a Mantis and also a Nikon stereo microscope and I am using the Mantis 99,9% of the time as working is so much more relaxed.

This one from the seller above comes with the seldom, usually very expensive 6x SLWD lens (SLWD = super long working distance) which allows for a doubled working height (I had the regular 6x and I am very very glad I found the 6x SLWD as working with it is way !!!! easier). The SLWD was especially created for rework applications and allows a 112mm working distance instead 55mm with the regular 6x lens.

Just the 6x SLWD lens is used worth $500 (new $1500 or so). The seller only says '6x lens' (the photos are showing the 6x SLWD lens), thus he probably does not know what rare gem he is including to his Mantis.
Would the seller be based in Europe, I would buy it right away and then sell Mantis / lens separately for at least $1000. Thus: if you are from the US. Buy this .... now ..... hurry, because I bet it would be be sold very quickly.
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