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Metcal STSS power supply for sale


I have a Metcal STSS power supply for sale in the UK
Compatible with MX 500 and MX 5000 hand pieces.
Not sure about compatibility with others.

If anyone could fill me in on other compatible stations that would be great.
I have a second power supply with stand, iron and a small collection of tips which I use regularly. Item for sale is a spare.

STSS is mostly equivalent to the MX500 - the only difference is the 500 has 2 switchable outputs (i.e. 2 irons but only 1 at a time).
The MX5000 has higher output and a fancy display.
All STTC and SMTC tips are compatible with all 3 models.

Thanks Mike. It was you who introduced me to Metcal, don't think I’ll be switching any time soon!

I have that same unit at home.  It's a really good system with lots of cheap tips out there. 

Just a heads up if you are not familiar with those, it still needs a tip holder hand piece, some tips, and ideally a nice hand piece stand with sponge holder before you can solder anything.  That is just the power supply.  That can add up if you don't find deals on those things too.

Another thing to consider is one of those heat resistant rubber tip changing pad things if your hand piece doesn't come with one.


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