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MT-200 thermal/sil pad


I've looked just about everywhere and can not come up with a source for a thermally conductive heatsink insulator for MT-200 packages (1x1.5")
I will resort to buying a sheet of the stuff and cutting them to size and drilling holes but that is not terribly cost effective.

Any ideas or sources?


They sell it all. - I assume you are from the US from your flag.


So I couldn't wait for shipping from Hong Kong so instead I bought a 12x10" sheet of silpad from Mouser and cut 8 of them to size (1x1.5") and punched out the holes.

The 60v+ rail of the amp doesn't short to the case and cook the 10ohm protection resistor every time it's turned on now.  :phew:

If anyone needs some raw silpad material let me know!


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