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Multimeter QM1575 OK?


I would like to buy a multimeter and Dave is always saying stay away from the the cheap rubbish but realistically $200 is going to be my limit.
Looking around I can't find much in WA, is the Jaycar QM1575 worth it for $200? If not are there any alternatives?
Cheers, Chris.

No, I wouldn't pay $200 for a Jaycar rebadger.
Personally I'd rather spend $200 on used Fluke 80 series on Ebay
The Agilent U1242B is just a bit over $200 in Oz:

The $200 price point is not a well contested one unfortunately.


Dear Sparkles:
--I second Dave. Be patient and see if you cannot snipe a Fluke 87V on eBay. Even a plain old 87 with no roman numeral is way better than what you are considering. Best Regards
Clear Ether

Agreed - I hate to say it as my first multimeter is a Jaycar one, but I bought it used for $15NZ, which is about $10US.  If it falls apart (and due to my own rough handling, it's already being repaired  ::) ), I've blown $15... it will do to learn the ropes on and check the car battery's voltage...

... Fluke 87 & 88's frequently go for around the $170-230 mark - I know as I've been keeping track of the US auctions with a view to buying one in the (hopefully near) future.  Looking at the internals of a fluke on the EEVblog videos, and looking at the inside of my one (which originally retailed at $70NZ), I'd grab a fluke, even a used one. 

Hope this helps!


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