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Need advice on local test equipment for sale


I was browsing craigslist for equipment and actually found someone selling some within driving distance. From the looks of the listing most of the equipment is somewhat old but would be useful for a beginner like myself trying to setup a bench. The posting is rather vague in terms of model numbers but I was able to find them using the pictures. I was interested in:

Insteck Function Generator $200 (GFG-8020H)
Insteck Oscilloscope $250 (GOS-620)
BK Precision Oscilloscope $150 (MODEL 1541A?)
Shewzhen Mactch DC Power Supply $750 (HY3005F-3)

The pricing seems rather high, however, I may be able to talk the seller down a bit. Does this equipment look OK, the scopes seem to have low bandwidth (should I go for a 100MHz scope?). I plan on purchasing a DSO in the future when I start working with digital circuits, but figured I'd get a CRO for analog circuits since there seems to be many recommendations to do so.

function generator 100$
scope 150$
bk scope unknown
power supply 100$

it's not worth more...

I think the prices are way too high. I'd look on Ebay with the 'completed listings' option checked so you can see for what prices similar equipment gets sold.


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