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Need An analog oscilloscope

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     i m an student from india i need an cheap used analog oscilloscope for my study , but i can't pay more than  US$50-70 
if any one can help me , it will be so kind of you .

Thank you 

Local(ish) sources are your best bet. International shipping alone is likely to exceed $50-$70.

Do you have a local equivalent to Ebay or Craigslist?


Have a look around among the Indian Amateur Radio  sites.
There may be a Hamfest coming up near you.
Indian "hams" are well known for their interest in "hands on" Electronics,so there may well be a reasonable unit at one of these occasions.
Most "hams" are nice guys,so you might even score a "loaner" for the duration of your course! :)

Back in the day,there was a sizable Electronics industry in India,so there may have been,(or still be) a local
manufacturer of Oscilloscopes.
If so,the local ones will probably be cheaper than Tektronix etc.

Hope you find a good one!


Deve Sir,
         it is an honor for me that you take a look of my request.

we have sites like ebay but they did't deal in electronics .

actually i m just a student , and in india buying a oscilloscope is really big deal

Thank you   


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