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New Wireless headset development kit with discount



--- Quote ---TI’s new PurePath Wireless headset reference design is what you need to build wireless headphones or headsets. The design includes battery charging for li-ion battery, analog audio input/output and buttons for user control (volume, power etc). For a DIY’er or an engineer wanting to do a quick prototype for his manager this is good news.

Get TI’s PurePath Wireless headset development kit
Take a pair of wired headphones, open them up, remove the old electronics and fit TI’s board in. With some soldering and perhaps some mods on the enclosure – voila a wireless headphone prototype!

Alternatively, just use your favorite wired headset and plug into the TI PCB board (which has the standard 3.5mm audio connector). You then have a battery powered TI PurePath Wireless audio link to try out!

All forum users can get the PurePath Wireless headset development kit at the TI eStore for a discounted $99 price tag by entering the discount code KS9U-BV3P. Link to the kit is (When ordering from TI eStore, add the kit to your cart and go for checkout. At that point there is a box where you can enter the discount code).
--- End quote ---

Enjoy it!!!   


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