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FS: (220V) Agilent/HP E3610A
« on: December 31, 2018, 10:42:42 pm »
Any interest state-side for a 220V E3610A? I used to have several of these power supplies and picked this one up by accident (wasn't paying attention to listing). Seemed to function just fine - temporarily powered with 208 at work a while back just to check voltage regulation. I kept it for a while as a spare until I sold my other E3610 supplies. Probably not worth trying to convert it over to 110 (as you would need a new transformer) but the rest would be good spares.

PM me an offer with shipping cost factored in. I'm in VA. I would offer to test further/calibrate but I don't have easy access to 208 since I moved. Super easy to cal with a 6-1/2 digit and good current meter (fluke 87V or similar).

Thanks for looking!

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