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Oscilloscope probes by WITTIG - 200MHz - Still available at bargain price


Hi all,

A while back I let the forum know that MCS(UK) were selling sets of 200MHz Wittig oscilloscope probes at four (4) for GBP15 + GBP3 p&p.

I just checked back with the auction and they are still for sale at that price.

I have bought many of these probes and have modified some to meet my needs as they make a good basis for a sharp pointed compact multimeter probe, RF probe, demodulator probe, and even logic probe heads for my HP LogicDart. At GBP4.50 each I think it's well worth having some on the shelf for use on scopes or just for parts.

Auction is here:

Item No. 120691289053

I have no connection with MCS and gain nothing from this message but thought it a good opportunity for other tinkerers like me  ;D

I think it is the same MSC company occasionally showing up here;u=572 and occasionally offering discounts. There is probably no need to go through eBay to buy from them.


They are the same friendly company that advertises on this forum.

Joy at MCS(UK) posted in the following thread....


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