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Oscilloscope reccomendation?

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I'm just starting to really get into electronics as a hobby, mostly to do repairs and learn.  I'd like to work on a variety of projects including audio equipment, PCs, monitors and related power supplies.  I'm currently considering 3 used scopes and I'd like some feedback / suggestions from some folks with actual experience working with scopes.

In case it makes any difference, I'm located in the US.
The items I'm considering from lowest cost are:
GW Instep GOS-6112 100MHz 2-Channel    $203.00
Fluke Philips Alliance PM 3375 100MHz 250Ms/s 2-Ch   $291.00
TEKTRONIX TAS465 100MHz   $348.00

My budget leans toward the low end, my tastes toward the high end  :D of course.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


--- Quote from: tobor on December 02, 2011, 07:34:21 pm ---TEKTRONIX TAS465 100MHz   $348.00

--- End quote ---

this is a old gear, it does have really nice hybrids - but when they die you can throw the scope in trash.
The price is not good, 350$ for old 100MHz analog scope is too much

--- Quote from: tobor on December 02, 2011, 07:34:21 pm ---Fluke Philips Alliance PM 3375 100MHz 250Ms/s 2-Ch   $291.00

--- End quote ---

this is not analog scope, if Philips/Fluke then PM3285(A) or PM3295(A), so forget this one

--- Quote from: tobor on December 02, 2011, 07:34:21 pm ---GW Instek GOS-6112 100MHz 2-Channel    $203.00

--- End quote ---

i would chose this one, it is youngest device here and cheapest as well.
It does have read-out (only on CRT, so no export possible), not that bad at all.

The bigest advantage - you can take the 150$ diff to TAS465 and (almost) buy a DSO or what so ever you need for your hobby.

please consider another : a mixed analog-digital scope
brand hameg, or fluke-philips
buy a only digital scope only if you plan to do only microcontrolers work...
and even there if you want to do rs232-spi-i2c work, only high end digital scope will analyze them...$1500 min !
you will have to get a logic analyzer to do this

Thank you tinhead! Thank you kripton2035!  I do like the idea of the CombiScope (that's what the 3375 was advertised as, but I'm thinking tinhead has a good point.  Get the Instek for now, and save up for a good DSO if I find I need on in the future.

I gather there aren't a lot of horror stories surrounding the Instek GOS-6112?

While I'm pestering you, I've always heard that Weller was about the best solding iron you could get, but I see a lot of people liking Hakko and others like Saitek (sp?).  Any thoughts one way or the other between a WES51 and the Hakko's etc?  Obviously I can get more 'bang' for the buck, is Weller quality still that much higher?

Thanks again!

Have you looked in the threads here? The most discussed one is the Rigol DS1052E. I think you should at least check it out. Its a digital scope, 1GSa/s and 50 MHz but upgradeble to 150-170 MHz. Most common is to upgrade it to 100MHz.


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