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Osciloscope Probe Pomona 4550B $40.00 USD


If you upgraded your Rigol from 50 to 100 MHz, then you need a 100 MHz probe. Or if you simply need a 100 MHz scope probe this will work for you.

I'm selling one Pomona 4550B 100 MHz probe. The probe has a good quality and it is like brand new. The average price I found on the internet was $60.00 USD, if you find a better deal, send me the link and I can probably negotiate.

The reason for my sell is that I had a Rigol scope converted to 100 MHz and was using this probe with it, then I sold the unit with the original probes and now I have this extra probe that I don't need anymore.

I only used this probe a couple of times and it is in excellent condition.

I will give a Husky bag for free for storage of the probe in your purchase.

For sale on the USA only.


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