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OWON SDS7102V Reseller to AUS

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Hi guys, I've emailed a few sellers (for over a week) asking for hardware and software version# before I buy,
but not a single reply, nada. Has anyone from Aussie bought one of these and managed to confirm it is the
latest Hardware at least? I tried SMTZone as well. Certainly don't want old stock !!

Update: SMTZone got back to me in good time. I think I screwed up with the time zones. The serial # is quite
current, so all is well. All up with battery ~AUS$570 (free shipping). Coming here has already paid off :-)

OWON arrived today ~ 8 days from order. Happy with that and their replies to questions.
The 800x600 screen is awesome compared to the 320x240s I've had to put up with, just being able to see ripple / noise
clearly again (coming from large CRT screens) is a RELIEF. Only tried on a couple simple signals, so far so good, hopefully
serious testing tomorrow. Only 1 minor issue - CH2 offset "pot" is a little "scratchy" as you turn it. I'm sure it's fixable.
It was destined to be opened up and modified anyway ... everyone gets modified when they come here :-)
Battery is very useful, but AC input will be replaced with DC 12V (or 8-30VDC) Isolated input connection.
Will keep this thread updated as I go further.

It is 537.99USD free shipping, is it the same one with the model you bought?


--- Quote from: Devian on July 20, 2012, 08:24:37 am ---OWON SDS7102V ?
It is 537.99USD free shipping, is it the same one with the model you bought?

--- End quote ---
Yes it is. That price is about ~$30 more, as mine included the battery. Ask them what version firmware hardware it is.
You need at least 2.6.2 - 2.7x  If they don't know, I'd steer clear. I learned all that from the forum. Otherwise, why not go to
SMTZone, it was recommended by others on here, and I'll vouch for them too.


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