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Parts from Accuplace 1515 industrial labeler


This unit was a combination of steppers and pneumatics, and was designed as a high-precision pick, peel and place labeler, for medical and electronic assembly.  (To give you some idea, these things were in the tens of thousands when new).   I imported it to cannibalise it for a labeler conveyer – it had obviously been removed from a line by someone with a pair of sidecutters and no love of pneumatics.

I  have separated the residue into three elements in the hope that someone will be able to make use of the componentry, which is, frankly, just too good to see wasted – think Swiss watch only rather bigger and heavier.  I have removed the heavy milled base, but if someone wants that and can wear the postage, so be it.  I thought that I would start here rather than eBay.

1.   Pick and Place head.  Have a robot arm that needs a precision appendage?  This comprises a long-throw cylinder with two microswitch limits around 130mm apart.  There is a custom-made pick-up head and attached pressure switch with LCD display.  The assembly is mounted on a milled base with a guide.  Weight is just under a kilo.
2.   The chassis and carriage is a heavyweight in 10mm milled aluminium.  There are three main moving parts; a small part bin on a 50mm extension, a sliding presentation edge table, and a sliding carriage with a stepper motor with around 60mm of freedom.  On the back are power and air connectors, and a scanner port.  This weighs in at over 6 kg.  If you want the milled steel base, that adds another 1.7kg.
3.   Controller and display:  65mm x 110mm PCB, SM components on one side, proprietary Accuplace controller, presumably a PLC.  This has inputs for sensors, outputs for controls, and to an LCD display/control panel.  There is a pneumatic sensor on board.  The display is in an overkill milled billet aluminium box with five buttons.
4.   Handheld scanner.  Just a old-ish handheld barcode scanner, right?  Nope.  This is designed for use in ESD protected areas (hospitals, Electronic Component Manufacturers, PC Board Assembly) – anywhere that electrostatic charges might be an issue.  As a result, these things are expensive.   Probably an eBay item, but one of you may need a medical spare.

There are a couple of other pneumatic fittings and an actuator which I’ll throw in if weight allows.  Obviously I haven’t seen anything working, so it is caveat emptor.  Basically, make me an offer for anything you have an interest in, or the whole lot if you are feeling expansive, in which case I would put it back together.


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