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PCB Camera and Stand plus extras


Time to move this on after buying a Trinocular and new Camera assembly. Works really well 1080P @30FPS unless you are a speedfreak solderer it is plenty of FPS with the attached lighting.

Consists of DIYINHK Lens Kit and as reviewed by Dave some years ago here.
Was a new Microsoft 1080P Lifecam before conversion
Modified stand as shown eBay auction: #184485462052 Working distance over the PCB is 140mm and 100mm+ back to the stand. Can be switched for increased reach if needed.
Led Lights as shown and backpack with 9 and 12V switched outlets. Handy for powering builds or breadboards or circuits without adding more leads from a PS.

$150 AUD including postage anywhere in Oz.

Go buy your own chopping board as a base and the Silicon mats are easy to grab off evilbay.


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