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PeakTech 1210/1215 vs. Rigol DS1052E/DS1102E


I want to know what you guys think of the PeakTech 1210/1215 DSOs in comparision to the Rigol DS1052E/DS1102E.
I'm also interested to know what you do think of PeakTech in general.

I know they make quiet good multimeters(I've seen a PeakTech multimeter for 70€ that shows DC/Ohms that differed <0.1% from the actual value!), but in my experience, their product quality is heavily fluctuating, sometimes it's really out of the ordinary for that budget, sometimes it's real crap. I have no idea why this is the case. Their site:

The reason is, that I actually want to buy an Agilent DSOX 2002A/2012A and I though maybe I go check my local electronics shop, but unfortunately they only have PeakTech DSOs. On one hand they would charge me around 700€ for the PeakTech 1210, but on the other hand I could get a Rigol DS1052E for 350€ elsewhere.

The only advantage of the Peaktech I see is that it has a 640x480 display instead of a 320x234 one like the Rigol, it has a much lower power rating of only <15W instead of <50W. Only downside is that it only has a memory depth of 5kpts instead of 16kpts like the Rigol. I'm not sure if this is worth the price difference.

They are just rebadged Owons. Rigol is way better in all respects. Just compare the specs (hint: bandwidth, sample rate, memory) and you'll see. Also, the "square" owons have crappy STN screen. 700 Eur for the 1210? They are just looking for idiots, IMO.

If you're on the budget, get a Rigol (or look up GW Instek and Hantek/Tekway). If you have money, definitely wait for Agilent.


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