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PICKit 2 Debug Express + PICKit 3 Debug Express for just £55 inc shipping...

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For sale (UK ONLY!):

** PICKit 2 Debug Express

** PICKit 3 Debug Express

** 3x 16f887 40 pin DIL PIC MCUs

All mint, packaged with CDs and complete with cable, demo boards etc.

I am selling the above, as I cannot justify keeping them right now, as my PIC development is far less important to me than cash in the pocket, as I currently have a money shortage. This is one of those "I want facts, not opinions" posts - they're being sold as a job lot. Period.

PICKit 2 Debug Express + PICKit 3 Debug Express, packaged as new, only £55 which includes UK shipping. Pay by PayPal or postal orders. Need to sell FAST, so no messing about required.

Snap up a deal!


To be honest I'd suggest splitting the pickits up, I know you want less hassle but if your trying to get as much money as possible from it all splitting them will get you more. Selling a few items in ebay taught me fast that selling stuff individually makes more money. For example when I sold my old camera no one gave a toss about the 30 quids worth of bits I was including and it sold for less than the same camera on it's own. just a thought. With paypal, to be honest I recomend you get an account. makes online dealing so much easier

Your Interest in Pics didnt last long "Too spicy for ya" ????

arm or spartan or blackfin will be a nice upgrade ;)

Ill offer £40, at least you will get some of your money back. I could do with a couple of spares.


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