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Prema 8017 Sell or Trade or ?


A couple years ago I sold my 8017 Prema a nice 7 1/2 digit multimeter. I had regrets and searching I've located and acquired 2 even though I'm over sellers' remorse. The one I sold worked these 2 do not work to some degree or other. I'll call the meters "A and B" and described what's wrong with each. I'rm either going to sell or trade and maybe retain one. I'm not a computer or Linux guru and don't care to become one to replace the HD.  I'm trying to do this before feeding eBay.

The Trade
Fix one for me and you keep the other for the labor expended, I don't care which one I get as I don't need the scanner option. If no takers I will sell or part-out which I really don't want to do. Working they are excellent instruments.

Meter A
Screen lights and boots to the main selection menu. From the main attempts to select either multimeter mode starts then fails returning you to the main screen. The unit can be shut down with the Run/Standby button OK and then restarted (SW control). This unit has the multi-channel scanner board installed. Screen is bright and clear.

Meter B``
This screen lights but goes nowhere. The HD can be heard repeatedly seeking something but goes no further. This unit is minus scanner with rear and front jack fields. The unit can nt be shut off with Run/Standby button.

Backup battery dead < 0.3V
Fuse intact when received (not blown)
Interior clean with no off odor, no apparent burnt components
Original electrolytics in place

Thanks for looking and open to any suggestion or offers.

pm sent


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