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HP CRO Knobs Needed
« on: September 15, 2020, 11:40:32 pm »
Hi All.   Some time ago I posted this on the forum:

WTB LFS Hi all.  I've been off-grid for a few years, and when offered an HP 1707B Oscilloscope for $50 AU, especially as it has an alternative 24v input which is isolated from the ground of the CRO, I jumped at the chance. I fitted a cable and plug which would mate with my 24v installation, and put the instrument aside until I needed it recently. When I removed it from the shelves, I was shocked to see the state of some of the front panel knobs. Split, warped beyond patching up.(We've had some VERY HOT SUMMERS!) I'm looking for those below:
     Channel A and B Volts/Division MP10 part no. 0370-0966  (2 needed)
     DISPLAY (alt-chop-A+B-B-A     MP12 part no. 0370-2046
     TIME/Div  (Coarse only with transparent thumb-lug and transparent indicator disc) MP21
                                                                        HP part no. 01701-67414
     Delayed Sweep-Mixed Sweep-Main Sweep  MP8 part no. 0370-2452
     Div-Cal (Little Knob in front of above)        MP9 part no. 0370-0962
     Focus Knob           MP7 part no. 0370-1005
Some have printing which would be difficult to copy if I have to mould new ones. And I don't really want replacements which also have cracks and warps! This might mean that they have to come from a cooler climate?

I'm still looking for the knobs, they're so badly split that I can't use the CRO.  Other models don't seem to use the same ones.  I'm pretty handy making things and fairly well equipped with lathes and milling machines, so might be able to make some metal ones but what an enormous task!  Engraving the numbers would be near to impossible.

Has anyone written off one of these which still has good knobs, or found a stash of new knobs anywhere?


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Re: HP CRO Knobs Needed
« Reply #1 on: Yesterday at 06:54:49 am »
I have a Tek 2235 which had a few cracked knobs, luckily most were simple enough to 3D print a replacement for

Maybe you could do the same?

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