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Bought the well documented RIGOL DS1052E a while ago. Planning to do the hacks after warrenty expires.

The thing is that I need a function generator to go with it.
Budget is max $200. Including shipping to sweden.
I also need about 20Vpp to simulate rpm-signals in 12V-systems (13,6-14.4V)

Any ideas are welcome!

37 views and no one has any suggestions?

Richard W.:

it's not possible to recommend a model when we don't know what do you want to do with the FG.

Do you want to do audio stuff, digital stuff or even both?
Which frequency range?
Do you want to remote control the FG?
Which stability of frequency and amplitude do you need?
Do you want a new one or a used unit?

Please consider: FGs are expensive. Even a used one in good condition costs more than the Rigol scope.
I'm very contented with my HP 8111A Pulse/Function Generator.
But second hand prices for these >20 year old units are usually between 400 and 1000€.


For general purpose versatility check the popular thread on the Hantek 3x25 USB based FB.

Agreed with Richard that more information would be helpful. Don't agree that used FGs tend co cost more than a Rigol scope, this depends on your spec. Without even trying I see a bunch of Wavetek function generators on ebay for around $100, you can function gens for less if you put some effort in it, depending on your location. GW-Instek SFG-1003 is an example of a 3MHz DDS generator for about $150 new, which will do 20Vp-p in open circuit. High bandwidth, arbitrary waveforms and other features can drive up the price.

Saturation: How close does the Hantek 3x25 get to the 20V p-p requirement?

Here is some more input variables:
At the moment I don't see any use above 2-3MHz. My development is at the moment based on Arduino Uno platform. And it will do until I can afford a total upgrade.
Foremost it will be functions related to enginecontrol. Max 8000rpm

3x25 does look intresting until you see the output. 3,5 Vpp is way to low.

The ones I found and wondering about is:

* Two types of barebone on eBay, really cheap ones
* VC2002
* SFG-1003
* UNI-T 9000 series (UFG9005x)Uni-T seams like a good buy but I can't find any reseller other than one person on EBay who only got one C-model.


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