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Replacement tips for DSE T1976 Soldering station / Xytronic

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Hi everyone, I recently got a DSE T1976 soldering station and accessories, but DSE only sell one tip for it now. 

I know that these are made by Xytronic, a Taiwanese company, but am having trouble finding vendors that sell parts/ tips for them.  I also get the feeling that the T1976 model is going to be ceased soon (it's not on the Taiwanese or US websites now).

* Does anybody know anything about Xytronic's models?
* Does anyone here have one of these, is there anything about them that breaks often? 
* Are tips interchangeable between their models (there are three similar-looking ones I can see online)?
* Can anyone point me toward a vendor that sells parts and tips for them? I found a UK site, but they only take minimum overseas orders of GBP25 - ouch!

Ooh, and just how many replacement soldering tips should one have?

Any help on this matter is much appreciated - thanks!

I also use an old DSE soldering station but mine is a different model (its got a digital readout)

My one uses a very common tip size, all my Aoyue tips fit on it and ive seen many other brands of iron that use the same tip as well.

Hopefully your one is the same, can you post some pics of the tips.
We can help you identify what tips it uses.

Psi, your one is a few models up from my one - I have a 2003 DSE catalogue that has it for sale, and it was pricey!

I will take a picture of the tips on my one, and if possible put up measurements of the diameter. Thanks!

Having never heard of DSE, I was curious and looked online. There were suggestions on some message boards that this might be compatible with tips from Hakko's 908, the large iron for the 936 station. Easiest thing would be to find some tips and try them out. It wouldn't be the only instance of Xytronic being compatible with Hakko, and it's much easier to source parts for hakko than xytronic. Unfortunately, the 908 is out of production. There are conversion kits for 907/908 though I think they only go the other way, and might not fit the xytronic anyway. If you're lucky, or can find a conversion, you'd ideally be able to use the new T18 line for the 888, in which case you'd have a good selection for a while to come. If not, maybe you could find a way to replace just the iron itself with an inexpensive clone for a cheap upgrade.

All these tips fit on my DSE iron (T-2250)

They're 6.5mm outer diameter and between 4 -> 4.5mm inner hole diameter.
The main shaft length is 26mm (excluding tip)

Side note, keep flux away from your tips or the shaft will go brown and rusty :(


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