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Resistor networks giveaway.

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This box has buggered me for a long time now and I have only used 10 of them or so. This box was a part of an online auction score here at home. Since I don't use them I'd rather give them away to someone who does. Admittedly not the most wanted component these days maybe.The first replay in this thread will get them.
There was one thousand of them. Now there are 888 left. You must pay for shipping via PayPal. Other than that, absolutely no strings attached.

Shipping (B-Economique):
Within Europe, 11 EUR or 9.65 GBP
Worldwide: 24 USD
Options like tracking are available, but at insane prices.

Its mine.

Send me details on PM

The ''Lord of the Hacking Snipers'' will get them.  :)
Will send you PM.

why don't you sell them back on ebay ?


--- Quote from: siliconmix on January 19, 2012, 09:21:24 pm ---why don't you sell them back on ebay ?

--- End quote ---

Why sell to just any Tom, Dick or Harry when you can help the awesome eevblog community? :)


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